Code updating please wait

This process is considered to conflict with the computer’s operations and bring it to freeze at the startup screen. You might be one of the numerous victims of this process. If it does, contact Sky Drive manufacturers and inquire the matter further. If none of the described solutions worked for you, use the Refresh your PC feature incorporated in Windows 8 and 8.1 system recover options.

This will change PC settings back to its default value, while keeping your personal settings and files intact.

Once done, log in to this new User and see if the please wait message bothers you again. Method 4: Perform a System Restore As formerly stated, the Please Wait matter is mostly due to a recent system change in the settings or the configuration files.

To undo this alteration, use the System Restore feature and fall back to a previously created restore point.

Changing these pivot tables takes up to a minute, so I wanted a userform, called "frmwait", to pop when clicking the command button.

It would say "Generating Your Report - Please Wait".

Rest assured, you would not need to continue your troubleshooting journey anymore.

Method 1: Launch Safe Mode and Perform a Clean Boot Safe Mode is a troubleshooting mode that starts Windows with minimal set of drivers and services.Continue narrowing down your search till you reach the specific service triggering the error.Once identified, either search further support from the concerned manufacturer, or keep the process disabled to prevent further problems.My solution is far less elegant and impressive than the others.FYI, my script is doing processing for a number of partners within a FOR...

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