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No matter what you say, her answer is key to your response. You’re fancy.” The idea here is to make her think you’re not just after her phone number or a quick lay–which of course you are.

Keep adding a little something like this to the conversation until you’ve got her smiling and talking to you, eating out of your hand.

Her: Right, that’s why I am communicating with you.

You’re going to have to run this game a few times to get it to work just right, but basically being cocky funny should just come to you naturally.

You might walk up to a woman and say “There’s a girl over there wearing the same dress as you,” for example. I got this in Paris.” Let’s say she then says “Yeah, I lived there for a year.” This would be your chance to be a bit bratty, and say “Oh, man, I didn’t know you lived in Paris.

I: bad joke, my real e-mail is —————————— Her: I actually like reading about serial killers I: Well, you are in luck then. I: I don’t mind if its not decent or even better – an indecent one!

I: Send it to my e-mail at [email protected]: lol sounds like a CIA e-mail. Hey, I gotta run, but let’s have a real conversation later….

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