Coca cola bottle dating

Age does not play a large part in determining a bottle's value.The noncurvy bottles are more rare and could bring a higher value.As such, competitors tried to take advantage of this brand by closely mimicking Coke branding strategies.In response, the Coca-Cola company had bottle manufacturers create a unique bottle type, one that had a distinct look and feel, which would forever be synonymous with the Coca-Cola brand: the contour (or hobbleskirt) bottle.

The presence of this bottle indicates that at the dump was being used sometime between 1900 and the present.While the bottle designs stayed relatively consistent, the patent for the bottle was renewed several times.Since the patent date or patent number was included on the bottles to prove that they were from true Coca-Cola distributors, these numbers can help narrow down the date range of when the bottle may have been made. 25, 1923, the bottles eventually began to display this date.Patented in 1915, the contour bottle went into production in 1916 and was subsequently sold all over the world (Coca-Cola 2011; Lockhart and Porter 2010).Since the beginning of their production, Coca-Cola contour bottles have changed very little, as this bottle served as the hallmark of the Coca-Cola brand.

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