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1) Historical significance and context: The item must have a clear connection to the Coast Guard or any of its predecessor or related agencies.The item should be accompanied with supporting documentation.They should only be considered if the historic context, background, and associated documentation make the item more relevant or rare than what is already in the collection.

All items accepted should have an historical, education, exhibition, and/or programmatic use.

If the object is in poor condition, it must have significant relevance and context and must be able to be conserved as part of its long term storage plans.

Curatorial Services must be able to reasonably care for the item in perpetuity.

Thank you for your interest in donating artifacts or archival items to the U. Are you interested in donating an artifact (three dimensional items such as uniforms, swords, personnel effects, equipment, models, etc.) to the Coast Guard Heritage Asset Collection or archival items (personal or official papers, records, reports, letters, diaries, scrapbooks and photographs, etc.) to the Coast Guard Archives?

This page lays out the criteria, requirements and processes that take place for the Coast Guard to accept donations related to the history, heritage and material culture of the Coast Guard.

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