Chinese women dating westerners

Almost all women won’t go for the highly serious but no fun kind of guy.

Almost all the women I spoke with said they would prefer fun lovers to boring guys.

The misconceptions listed above are completely wrong and don’t represent the reasons why Chinese women love Western Men.

The attraction of Chinese women towards Western men are underlined by the following reasons: Women are naturally attracted to men who are outgoing and fun-loving men.

For instance, in the Western Han Dynasty, Su Wu was detained by Xiongnu for nineteen years, and married and had children with the Xiongnu people.

In the meantime, his friend Li Ling also married the daughter of Xiongnu’s King[i]; In the Eastern Han Dynasty, Cai Wenji was captured by Xiongnu and married Zuo Xian Wang and they had two children.[ii] The second example is the He Qin (allied marriage) between royal families in need of certain political or diplomatic relationships.

The third example is the intercultural/interracial marriages between residents of border areas and those in big cities.It brings happiness, but also sorrow, as there are both understandings and misunderstandings, as well as conflicts and integrations.With the reform of China and the continuous development, and improvement of China’s reputation internationally, many aspects of intercultural marriage have changed from ancient to contemporary times in China.You have to be ready to learn new things when you are in an intercultural relationship.The women in china are not as exposed as women from other cultural background, thus, communication and learning should be rampant in such a relationship.

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