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I simply mean thinking about the kind of partner you’d like to meet (see point 1 above) and how you can make that more likely.

So, for example, you can look at where and how you’re currently spending your time.

When it comes to love and relationships, though, you’re not so sure. The result was, first, a number of amazing connections and, now, a loving relationship. No problem, you’ve got another one lined up tomorrow. And, on top, your single life is so great that it would require someone pretty damn spectacular to come along and take up space.

I’m looking for a partner who wants the same kind of balance of freedom and security as I do.” “The fact that I haven’t met someone yet doesn’t mean I’m never going to.” “There are plenty of amazing people out there who are single at my age – like me!

” This is maybe where it becomes a bit creepy: strategies and action plans for meeting someone?! But we’re not talking about an Excel file here with milestones and targets or following a rigid step-by-step process to achieve your goal of meeting a partner.

This was due in part to my shyness (I just wasn’t confident enough to speak to strangers, let alone someone I fancied) and in part my ego (I didn’t want to admit that I liked someone in case they didn’t like me back).

But it’s pretty clear that this isn’t a particularly effective strategy!

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    Or, maybe you lack the confidence to approach people.