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However, you may also swallow the red pill and find out how deep the rabbit hole (or in this case, the glory hole) goes. I mean, most people can't get off to their loved one cheating on them and shit, but these men literally love seeing their woman get drilled in front of them, and in some cases, these cuckolds love sucking on the bulls meat after he's drilled their girl.

So, if you're able to survive the torture of the BDSM room, we have something even worse. So yeah, these dudes are pathetic to the average straight dude.

So, if you aren't a huge pervert, you should leave this room right away. However, it does get worse up in these rooms, so make sure to bear with me.

You either take your blue pill, and you wake up oblivious in your bed, and you continue to live a non-seasoned life full of bland tastes.

You may not know the gender of the person that you're talking to, but hey, as long as he pretends to be a girl, it's totally not gay, So, first things first, let's kick it off with the most basic room that you can find on this website.

The only room that doesn't have a proper flavor or anything of the sort is the basic "sex chat" room to the far left.

Now, imagine a chat room on the internet filled with dudes like this. I'm not here to judge you, so if you want your lover banged in front of you, then go ahead.

Yeah, even picturing it hurts, I can totally relate to you. I'm only here to hold the door for you when you enter the room. The one thing we all fear (Furries) is what lies beyond this point. If you're not familiar with furry terminology, yiffing basically means "fucking," but only when these anthropomorphic characters are involved.

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These people honestly shouldn't even be on a website such as this one.So, if you're a lad and if you fantasize about other lads drilling you or about you drilling other lads, just hop in, there's always enough room. All you have to do is choose the "guest" option, and that's about it. After hitting the join chat room button, you'll have to choose your preferred room again.You get to see the number of people in every single one of these rooms, too. You rarely even find people who aren't huge perverts doing shit like this.I mean, your still are talking about sex and all sorts of dirty shit with strangers on the internet...isn't that a bit too far for you vanilla-loving folks?

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