I never comment but I can't stop myself from commenting, this is my best kdrama so far it's very refreshing and deserves the best awards.

This is the first time seeing lee min ki and he did really good, love to see more of him.

Lee min Ki portrayed the character very well, and because of this drama I have been watching LMK old tv dramas and films.

Jung So Min was really the good match for him in this drama!

Let’s eat 2 tried but honestly it ended with split families/divorce for those leaving Seoul.

I'm only on episode 4 so far, but I really can't stand Ho Rang's character at all, to the point that its almost putting me off the whole drama itself.

It is always pleasant to see the side couple's or couples' stories being surfaced, highlighted, and given proper ending, not just focusing on the main couple's story as if the two main characters are the only ones who are important throughout the drama.

This drama is mixed with comedy, romance and even drama.

I'm thankful that the time alotted for the last episode's enough.

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