Bisexual women dating in anchorage dating differences between america and taiwan

UAA does not have an active LGBT group but there is Identity if you want something not bar related. Public transportation is free for you if you are a UAA student, but it shuts down early.

Primarily method of seeing lots of queers will be Grindr and Scruff, and just like Seattle most of them will be stand offish so just keep positive. So have a backup plan for getting home if you go out to the bars. We're a red state, BUT AK didn't vote for Trump in the last election (they voted another Republican candidate.) Bar scene is shmeh.

once you get off the road system that’s where the sickening numbers come women in villages are sexually assaulted by age 14 and almost every time their assault comes from a family member. Just moved to Anchorage from Denver with my husband this summer. It's expensive, though cheaper than Seattle for sure and I'm saying this as a guy who moved up from Portland.

Our experience so far has been that while there's not as much of a gay scene as there was in Denver, we've largely enjoyed the attitude of the people here regarding the LGBT community. There are only two Gay bars, Mad Myrna's and The Raven.

They have an awesome Rocky Horror Picture Show every year around Halloween. Unless you have an active outdoor lifestyle (fishing, hiking, skiing, hunting, etc.) There's honestly not a whole lot to do up here besides shoot stuff and drink your depression away.

If you go, try the Key Lime Pie, Froot Loop, and Classy Trashy drinks, I believe those are house signatures. Yeah there's bars down town, but it gets boring and expensive really quick. As long as you're willing to adapt to the dark you should be pretty fine.

Dating is also a serious hit or miss, I noticed rather frankly that most queers on those apps are in open relationships so dating is limited. It's also not very active so time your trips accordingly, as most bus routes run every 30 minutes or more. If you want to find some like minded people, check out the coffee shops!!!!!

Everyone I've met has been more than accomadating and kind so I don't think you'll face too much in the way of hate, and if you do people will have your back.

We have two openly gay politicians too: Christopher Constant and Felix Rivera. It's colder here than Seattle and it's a lot darker longer.

Get a Happy Light and take Vitamin D supplements while you're up here.

Even though it's a tad trashy, unless you're into that scene.

You can GPS spoof with your phone if you'd like to talk to gay and trans men yourself.

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