Best dating a triathlete copy pasted dating

Training: Similarly, don’t get mopey about his training.You’re the one who found his triathlete ass sexy, and he got that way through following a specific workout plan.You want to time your nutrition so that you have fuel for longer workouts.Eat a meal of mostly carbs and a bit of protein 2 to 3 hours before a workout.A 45-minute bike ride followed by a 45-minute run, for example.This helps his body adapt to switching from one to the other so it doesn’t shock the system on race day.“You still have to match your caloric intake to caloric expenditure, or else you’ll gain body fat,” Ziegenfuss warns.Also, make sure you’re making healthy choices—lots of fruits and veggies, making your carbs whole grains—and drinking lots of water all day.

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Your grandma’s marble cake recipe, while delicious, will lead to self-loathing and once again, resentment against you for acting as a temptress toward evil ways.

Nutrition: Plenty of triathletes burn so many calories they could eat most anything, but be sensitive to his specific dietary plan.

If he’s trying to avoid beer while training, don’t stock your fridge with Heinekein, that’s cunty.

It originated from cyclists, but I think it applies better to triathletes (since we’ve got to do the whole run thing after doing the bike bit – and we have to swim).

This plan is designed to give you sustained energy for your workouts, help your body recover from training, and to give you peak performance on race day.

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