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I've just got my butt out of bed (which is actually early considering I didn't fall asleep until around 4am) and am sitting with a nice blueberry protein shake in my cute little pink housecoat enjoying checking my mail. Anyway this weekend was awesome, I really didn't do much.. 😛 Just kidding, I love me some Katie So I created a poll for ya'll to help me out with 🙂 I'm thinking of kinda changing things up a bit around here, but wanted your opinion.

I can't even get Katie out here, party girls has too much going on!

Well, I’ve been around the block a time or two in this industry, so you can trust that there isn’t much I haven’t done and even less I won’t try ;) If you want me to roleplay, you just give me the scenario.

If you want to be dominated, just give me your safe word : P And if this is your first time, you’ll be wondering where I’ve been all your life!

This can be either landline or mobile (or both), but should be the number you intend to call the TV babes from.

3) Go to the buy credits page and buy either the £10 credit by sms or the £29.95 credit card top up.

Oooh which reminds me, I've booked my flight for Christmas to see my parents wahoooooooeeee! Seriously, they're like my best friends so I'm extremely excited.

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Purchased credits of course are valid beyond tomorrow! Bonus credits for this offer will be added manually by our customer care team, so will not be added to your account immediately. We should be up & running properly by Friday, but expect a few cameo appearances on test shows tomorrow.....

This week has totally flown by, but I’m happy it has.

Not that it hasn’t been fun, it’s actually flown by because I’ve been having fun!

I especially love kickboxing, in case we’ve got any subs lurking who want a girl they know can dominate them!

These days, when I’m not playing yummy mummy to my beautiful daughter, I’m in the gym keeping it high and tight for all you naughty boys!

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