B w photo paper dating kodak

I load a negative in the enlarger and a strip of paper in the holder, then I cover all but roughly 1/10th of the paper.

I expose this for two seconds, then move the cover over slightly and expose it for another two seconds, and repeat.

When I say darkroom, I mean the bathroom in my house. I have the trays in the tub and the enlarger off to the side.

For the developer, I use liquid Ilford Multigrade paper developer because I can mix it in single tray batches without having to store huge bottles of mixed chemistry that will just go bad before I can use them up.

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Some of you might be wondering why this is such a big deal and why something like film or paper even has an expiration date?Single weight refers to the thickness of the paper base. Velox Rapid was primarily used for making contact prints from quarter plate or smaller B W negatives. because through some strange twists of fate, I was able to get my hands on this sealed, cold stored box of Velox that has been expired for Sixty two years.Most people would consider this a cute antique and just throw this in the book case between Moby Dick and that torn up Kodak 1a folding camera you found under your grandfather’s bed after he moved to the home.The kind of thing that ends with me staring out a train window as I rumble across the great plains contemplating my victory and lamenting the losses I suffered for it?Most likely not, as I’m an early 40’s man perched on a small wooden stool next to the toilet in the dark.

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