Am i dating the wrong person

And they tend to block out all evidence to the contrary. Many abuse survivors cling to the positive traits in their partners — like being affectionate and reliable,'” psychologist Craig Malkin notes in a piece for Psychology Today.Are you constantly thinking about a past love and wondering, “What if?They doubt whether strangers will like them, and they’re not sure if the people they’re close to will continue to like, love, accept, or want them,” psychologist Alice Boyes says on her blog.

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Avoid falling back into the same trap by taking practical steps to understand your attraction to the wrong person.

In her book Psychiatrist Judith Orloff urges readers to preserve their emotional health.

When we don’t protect our emotions, we are setting ourselves up for poor health and a poor quality of life.

What may feel like love is often fear or even distorted hope.

“Their desperate, often palpable hope, if you sit in the room with them, is that the abuse will go away.

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