Age appropriate behavior teens dating

For example, “You can get a treat from the store for getting up with out a problem this week” or “You can put a sticker on your chart each time you listen to me the first time” ♥ Never call your child names or hit them.

You will teach them that this type of behavior is acceptable.

♥ Ignore behaviors that are used in an attempt for negative attention.

♥ Avoid power struggles by simply stating and a decision has been made and you will be happy to discuss it again later when you are both calm. ♥ Take the time to talk-out and resolve situations that arise in your child’s life ♥ Use eye contact when speaking to your child so you know that you have their attention.

♥ Distracting or redirecting your child’s attention to something new can be a useful tool when their behaviors are escalating due to a certain situation or if they are doing something that you prefer they stop. The length of a time out should be no more than 4-5 minutes. For example, “You will have to get out of the bath if you keep splashing” or “You will get to pick out a snack if you eat all of your dinner” ♥ Use a calm tone when redirecting your child, giving a warning, or enforcing a consequence ♥ Once a consequence is known and the behavior continues, enforce the consequence immediately.

♥ Consequences should be directly linked to the offense (not eating dinner = no snack; hitting = a time out and an apology) ♥ Never call your child names or hit them.

♥ Responds very well to a daily routine ♥ Is motivated by praise and acknowledgement ♥ Ignore behaviors that are used in an attempt for negative attention.

Find something positive in that moment to give attention to.

You, as the parent, have the honor of providing unconditional love, acceptance, support, and guidance to your child. Punishment is seem when punitive actions are taken such as grounding, scolding, or spanking.Another example includes revoking your child’s video game privilege for 24 hours for not turning it off when asked. In both of these situations, discipline is used as a teaching tool to encourage positive behavior choices.Depending on the age of your child, there are factors to consider along with strategies that work best within each age group.♥ Rules should focus on safety such as staying close to a known adult and keeping hands to oneself ♥ Reinforce the importance of using their words to get their needs met in respectful ways ♥ Front-load your child with what is expected from them in each situation.Front-loading means that you will tell them prior to an environmental change such as going to the grocery store, attending a play date, or any other place/situation.

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