Add and dating

Sometimes they don’t know they might have ADD, other times they were told but didn’t want to admit it. Some of my Adult ADHD coaching clients have no problem with ADD at work, they’ve managed to find an ADD friendly job and modified it to work well for them, but do have problems at home due to ADD.

I often coach them about developing better communication skills around issues of stress and time management.

It’s especially important for people with ADHD to try and learn these skills before having children – not only do they manage parenting better, but the children are less likely to replicate the same patterns of behaviour,” she says.

But for many people, the first inkling they have ADHD is when their own children are diagnosed with the disorder – and a parent sees their own childhood behaviour mirrored in their sons or daughters, explains Dr Julian Trollo r, a neuropsychiatrist with the Neuropsychiatric Institute at the Prince of Wales Hospital.

And that can lead to major problems in relationships.

If you have a spouse or partner, it’s important for them to be involved.

And the sooner you both work on repairing your relationship, the better.

Skills training or coaching can help people with adult ADHD come up with and reach relationship goals.

Unfortunately some men who have ADD but are not officially diagnosed often stay in denial too long, sometimes with severe negative consequence.

I have had many calls and emails from men who are in the midst of: a) severe relationship problems with their wife/girlfriend b) an ongoing divorce c) just getting out of a divorce where untreated ADD is a large factor in the these problems.

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