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Regardless, Bale's Batman is fondly remembered, and always pops up during discussions of 'who's the best?', not least because of the stellar scripts, direction and cinematography which generally surrounded him.Rumours after insisted that Mr Bale turned down a huge pay cheque to avoid reprising the role once more, a decision that remains a particularly tantalising 'what if? Between his turns as Bruce/Batman, Bale gained a reputation as being an interesting on-set presence thanks to his famous star Will Arnett brought some comedy magic to the role and landed his own spin-off movie as a result.It helped that movie came at the perfect time in Batman’s busy cinema schedule – long enough after that Arnett’s new iteration didn’t get lost in all the hype for Ben Affleck’s debut.Critics also complained that his voice was too high and that he had a Boston accent.That, of course, wouldn’t be the last time someone complained about Batman’s voice. A few years later he was out of showbiz altogether. He also filled out the Batsuit better than Lewis, with his utility belt hanging where you would expect it.Between his bad attitude and his concern that the superhero wasn’t getting as much screen time as the villains, he left the Batcave for good.Instead of filming 1997’s , and he planned to reinvent the franchise, finally making the Dark Knight dark.

Keaton's casting caused such controversy that 50,000 protest letters were sent to Warner Bros’ offices.

At one point he was forced to make public appearances as the Caped Crusader to earn a living.

Then, in 1977, he returned to the tube as Batman, doing his voice in , produced by Conan O'Brien and Robert Smigel.

(One for the fact fans: the two actors also appeared together in their pre-superhero days, in a WWII anti-VD propaganda film called The man logging the most hours in the Batcave, of course, was William West Anderson, whom you probably know better as Adam West.

Either you love him for his goofy charm or hate him for blemishing the Bat’s image for several decades.

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